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There are many ways to volunteer on behalf of New Directions!  


No experience needed. Training Provided. Confidentiality required.
Application/Background Check required.


Some volunteer tasks may include but are not limited to...

* Shelter Chaperone

* Over night Shelter Chaperone

* Office tasks, light housekeeping, inventory, child care, client transportation, Baking,
Take home projects, committee- planning or activity, Health Fairs

Here are just a few of the ways YOU could help:

Office Tasks
Filing, stuffing envelopes, folding mailings, attaching labels, and proof-reading are just a few of the possibilities.  Many of these tasks can even be taken home for you to do at your convenience while you watch tv or spend time with your family.

Shelter Chaperone
When there are survivors of abuse staying in the shelter, volunteers help us by working as chaperones for these women and their families.  All shelter chaperones will receive special training to educate them on the routine procedures and common practices of working with domestic abuse survivors.

General Cleaning and Light Housekeeping
The shelter requires the same sort of cleaning tasks and regular housekeeping work as a home does.  Floors need to be vacuumed, furniture dusted, and bedding washed.  We greatly appreciate any help we can receive with these ongoing jobs.

Committee Work and Board Service
There are always ways to volunteer by getting involved with committee work or serving on the board of directors for New Directions.  

Please let us know if you are interested in learning more about volunteering!  

Click here to download a printable copy of our volunteer application form.

Phone:  (812) 662-8223

We would love to talk to you!